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    Evita Robinson

    Founder, Nomadness Travel Tribe

    A trip to Paris was all it took for Evita Robinson to find her life’s true calling. In September 2011, mere weeks after graduating from Iona College, Robinson channeled the spirit of her trip into the Nomadness Travel Tribe: an online social community primarily for travelers of color. The group currently surpasses 16,000 international members with over 100,000 passport stamps and coordinates nearly 100 meetings a year, worldwide. Robinson’s success has earned her brand partnerships with Airbnb, Etihad Airlines, GoPro, Facebook Stories, Hyatt, Skift.com, Cantu and Issa Rae, who co-executive produces The NOMADNESS Project web series on YouTube. Robinson continues to innovate within the print and digital pages of The New York Times, Inc., Entrepreneur, The Daily Beast, Ebony, Essence, CNN, BBC, MSNBC, truTV, The Root, NewsOne and Oxygen Channel.

    Her passion for traveling also earned her an invitation to the White House under the Obama Administration for their meeting of world's creative changemakers, South By South Lawn. Today, Robinson serves as a keynote/seminar speaker, TED resident, consultant for Destination Marketing Organizations, and she continues her love of seeing the world while writing her first book.


    There’s diversity as a buzzword, and then there’s diversity as a life practice. By nature, the essence of travel is to engage with different people, cultures and traditions — finding a piece of others, while also leaving a bit of yourself behind. Nomadness Travel Tribe has been the trailblazer in what is now known on social media as the black travel movement. Approaching 17,000 members, this community and its founder have been the respected voice representing travelers of color from around the world. In this presentation, Evita Robinson — fresh off her TED Talk — travels through stats and stories, explaining why this demographic is a power player in the travel sector, their relevance and why the travel industry should see in color.